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LPT Medical is one of the largest suppliers of portable oxygen concentrators in the United States. Because of this enormous "buying power", we're able to negotiate better pricing from leading manufacturers like Inogen and Invacare (among others).

We're able to pass the price savings given to LPT Medical (and to LPT Medical alone) along to you, our customer. No other supplier of portable oxygen concentrators is able to offer you as low a price on these machines as us.

You may be wondering why we don't show you any oxygen concentrator prices on this page. The answer is that we're contractually bound by the manufacturers we have partnered with and they require us not to show the general public the prices we're able to offer, unless a potential customer specifically requests them.

This isn't just another sales tactic.

We're simply not allowed to display product prices on this page. However, if you request the price list from us using the form on the bottom of this page, we're allowed to send you a complete price list.

There's no pressure, and we certainly don't request you commit to buy from us before requesting our price list. Simply fill out the form on the bottom of this page and we'll email you a complete price list within 5 minutes.

We're only able to offer additional savings on our prices every so often, and this current promotion ends tomorrow, June 22nd.

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Over 30,000 customers have purchased new and refurbished portable oxygen concentrators from LPT Medical. Here's a few reasons why we're one of the countries leading providers of portable oxygen concentrators.

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